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The Bitehype Desk

Who are you and what do you do for a living?

My name is Feyyaz and I’m an entrepreneur. Through my website and blog I help people increase their productivity and energy levels by improving their health. I use mainly food and movement to do that. The end goal that I always tell my readers and customers is to reach the good life, which is having more energy and time to do the things you love.

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Submissions from our readers

Desk Hunt reader submission by full-time student and entrepreneur Scotty Marx.

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Desk Hunt reader submission by maker Karl Ranna.

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Notification Withdrawal

In todays society it’s hard to stay focused.

On every corner sits and waits a new piece of information to be picked up and processed. Whether its a text message from a friend, a dreadful international sensation, an email from your boss, the weather forecast for tomorrow or the latest updates from your favorite sports team. Keeping ourselves up to date with todays variety of events has never been easier. Notifications are delivered to our devices almost in an instant within occurrence and with the tap of a finger we can watch, read and listen about whatever just happened.

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My personal desk

Simplicity and functionality are in mind when it comes to organizing my desk. Due to my limited space I can’t waste any space. Otherwise my desk would be cluttered with distracting and unnecessary things.

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Life changing experiences

It’s Monday. I just finished a rather important project the week before and decided to take the next week off. I’m self employed so I’m thinking why not use that freedom for once. Christmas is on the doorstep anyway. It’s the 22nd December to be more specific. My girlfriend and I decided to make a trip to the city to do some last christmas shopping and end the day with enjoying Interstellar for one last time before it left theaters.

Sounds like fun? Maybe it would have been if my internals wouldn’t have burned through that day.

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