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My personal desk


Simplicity and functionality are in mind when it comes to organizing my desk. Due to my limited space I can’t waste any space. Otherwise my desk would be cluttered with distracting and unnecessary things.

Before setting up this workspace I worked a long time just sitting at my living room table on a expensive, uncomfortable and unergonomic chair. After going through a long time experiencing a lot of headaches I decided I needed to chance something. I visited a physiotherapist and did some check ups. Result: muscle tension. Her advice: Change position during your day as much as possible. So that’s what I’m doing now.

I use a DIY IKEA standing desk with a kyBounder mat to train my musculature and improve my posture. The right side of my desk is reserved for sitting sessions. I use a Topstar stool and an IKEA Markus chair and switch between them from time to time during the week. The desk is a cheap IKEA desk. The legs make the whole desk a little bit wobbly but allow me to adjust the height so I have a perfect position while standing up and sitting down.

Below the standing desk extension is a ScanSnap. I’m an advocate of paperless offices so this beautiful machine helps me to get rid of the paper and sync everything to Evernote.

The rest is pretty standard. MacBook Pro Retina 15” for working (mostly programming) and a Moleskin for taking notes and drawing wireframes.

I try to keep my desk as clean as possible to avoid distractions. Maybe I will extend it with a motivational poster. Otherwise I’m pretty happy about it.

What about your desk? I’m on the search for inspirational desks to share. Let me know how your setup looks like.

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by Daniel Puglisi