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Paapa Kwasi Gyamfi-Aidoo's Desk


  • 3TB backup drive for all my design and photo work
  • iPad Mini and iPhone 6 (iPad mainly for editing the photos I take)
  • 10 slot USB hub to help keep the wires in order
  • A wireless receiver for my wireless equipment (syncing my camera up wirelessly as well as controllers and printer)

Stumbled across PK’s desk on Instagram last year and knew he and his minimalistic desk would be a perfect fit for yet another Desk Hunt interview.

PK is an UX / Interaction designer at an agency in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York.

Let’s take a look.

Can you tell me something about your desk setup?

I’ve always liked my table to be as simple as possible in case I need to spread myself due to the work I do. I could have a day where there are sketches layout all over my table or documentation on how to make something work etc; therefore, a clean table is essential. In addition to this, I like to have the books I am currently reading ready on my desk for easy access: currently reading Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson and Life from Scratch by Sasha Martin.

Is there anything you would like to improve on this setup?

Most definitely. Life is always about improvement and finding ways to get better at everything. I would like to be able to manage my wires better (haha); and in a manner which would move deeper into the minimalistic realm… And definitely a hanging lamp. That would be dope.

Do you switch workspaces during your day? If yes, what’s the reason behind it?

I have a desk at work so I don’t know it that counts as a switch, but I do like to move on to the couch from time to time to change “views”. haha. I remember my other told me once I spent too much time at my desk and that I should change views, so I ended up coding in an empty bath tab. #Perspective. (I would not recommend coding / working in a bath tub. It is not as exciting as you think.)

Can you tell us something about the items on your desk?

My setup is really based on if and when I need something. I have my desk in a way that should I need to add something to it, it would not be a headache to move things around.

Recently, I realized how my iPad and iPhone play such an important role in the work that I do. Be it design or photography: in design, I need to understand how both devices work and respond to user’s movements and requests. I never really appreciated it until I started my job. Now, I keep both with me where ever I go.

What are you doing to stay focused?

Remembering what the end goal would be. I know it sounds silly, but I use that as motivation. Being able to see a product you have designed in its finished state is one of the most satisfying feelings I have ever felt.

Is there something on your desk which helps you stay focused? What is it?

Not on my desk, but above it. I have a white board in which I write notes and due dates for personal or work related projects on.

What was your latest self-improvement experiment?

I never liked reading, but now I am appreciating it. I may be 23, but as we get old, I think we begin to appreciate ourselves and minds more and I love exercising my love for knowledge. Also, I have been forcing myself to document and sketch out any ideas I have. I never used to because I would be discouraged if someone has already thought and developed something similar; but there is always room for improvement.

Where do you see yourself and your desk in the next 5 years?

Hopefully have a hanging lamp and a bigger bath tub to code in. Haha. And most definitely in a position where I can create amazing web experiences to share with the world.

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