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Wedge black 01

Wedge Black's Desk


  • Pine corner desk.
  • Kneeling stool
  • iMac
  • calendar
  • lamp
  • mug
  • notes
  • project plans
  • peg
  • pen pot
  • cards

Hi, my name is Wedge. I help organisations plan and design their intranet. I write blog articles and tweet - yes, for a living. Oh I also own and run a conference. About intranets.

What’s the story behind that desk?

I work for myself and for others, and I work from home. Recently sacrificed an unloved spare bedroom and transformed it into an office. It’s a 100% work zone.

I inherited the desk, and although I’m not in love with its warm yellows, I like that it’s a corner desk. I sit on a kneeling stool, and my back feels lighter and stronger than ever.

Can you tell us something about the items on/around your desk?

I use magnetic whiteboards to record and track writing tasks. I own and run a conference, yet I also write blog articles, plans, and guidance materials for a living, working closely with two or three agencies.

My computer is my digital hub, and I need a large screen as I always have Twitter on screen and also do image work and video work. My phone is a mini version, and I switch to mobile apps seamlessly for tracking stats and for communication. I spend a lot of time just sat down, but I also have meetings around the country each month.

I have a lovely window but I like the extra lighting set-up I have, as it makes me feel cosy.

Directly to my side and above me is a set of box shelves, so that I have things within easy reach. The rest of the room, behind me, is given over to a couch and shelves for 550 books. I haven’t read very much this year, but that hasn’t stopped me buying new UX, business, communication, and pop psychology books! Never mind the novels. I read a massive amount online - I can’t share ‘content’ on Twitter unless I’ve read it and find it somewhat relevant. I run, like, five main Twitter accounts (alongside other social networks).

The clutter in front of me is what I need right now, as I’m working in London this afternoon. I like to work without too much clutter, but even though I’m no fan of paper, clutter is often replaced with urgent clutter. Right now, I have some serious proposals I have to review and understand, so I’m doing this on paper rather than on screen as I need to really digest and reflect.

I don’t know why I have so many pens, my tablet is my go-to tool now, but when I’m doing very long work, or when I need to plan something brand new, I need coloured pens to help me sketch out ideas and mark off progress.

There are few curios on my desk. The little rubber plants probably won’t stay for very long. I have real plants behind me.

Just underneath my computer you’ll see a heart, a wooden ball, and a beach-worn stone. These are little reminders of the Three Jewels, as mentioned in the Tao Te Ching: compassion, simplicity, humility.

I have some artwork in my office, and I’d like some text art to inspire my creativity and productivity - but I can’t decide what message to have, as I’m sure it would annoy me or appear trite after a few months.

This is my office. I spend most of my time, excluding sleep, in here, so it’s a very important personal space to me. I’ve worked in corporate clear-desk open-plan offices and that’s fine too - as long as you can escape to a break-out space and a garden. My screens are my digital workspace, my desk is my mental anchor, and my office is my personal working zone.

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