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Arthur Chang's Desk

Arthur Chang is the CEO and co-founder of Priime. An iPhone photo editor app which allows you to add filters created by todays top photographers. Let’s take a look at his home office desk.

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Submissions from our readers

Desk Hunt reader submission by freelance graphic and web designer Balazs Szarka.

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Desk Hunt reader submission by front-end developer Anthony Garand.

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John Howard's Desk

John Howard is a UX/UI & brand designer who owns and runs a small design shop in the historic section of Acworth, Georgia called Blackairplane.

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Aubrey Johnson's Desk

Aubrey Johnson is a software designer, developer and product guy.

In 2013 he was named one of the top 75 designers in technology for 2015 by Business Insider.

He did some work for companies like Twilio, Color and Science.

Today we take a look at his home office.

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Vadim Sherbakov's Desk

Vadim is a freelance interactive art director specialized in creating websites and UI/UX for mobile devices.

You can check out his portfolio here.

He also creates digital products, photos and videos for sale as a side project.

You can check out his products here.

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Jon Wheatley's Desk

Who are you and what do you do for a living?

I’m Jon Wheatley. I’m currently CPO and co-founder of Need/Want. Essentially we’re a company that makes companies. We have 5 active companies right now that range from software, services, and physical products.

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Desk Hunt is on Product Hunt!
by Daniel Puglisi