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Fevi Yu's Desk

My name is Fevi and I am the Founder and Chief Pet Sitter of a Startup called

I like my desk uncluttered although I have another desk at the back thats cluttered. My workspace is where I feel most at-home in my house.

Where does this desk come from? Honestly, I stole it. It was my partners desk. I had moved in with her and didn’t have a desk so I asked if we could share it with each other. She has since then bought another desk from Ikea. She tells me that her brother and sister-in-law gave her that desk.

My chair is from Office Supply, it has good lumbar support but the fake leather is already wearing off. The 27” Mac is my default go to computer. I have a microphone for conference calls. I have a dive watch for time. I use the Macbook Air when I want to work off-site or another table. I always have dental floss lying around because anything stuck in between my teeth is such a distraction. Promise, I don’t floss in front of my workstation ;)

I love my current setup but I would also love to upgrade everything to Retina displays.

Behind my desk you will see a long black couch. On that couch are my dogs. They help me stay focused in trying my best to succeed with — and everytime I am stressed, I take them for a walk. Best stress reliever is walking your dog/s. Everyone should have a dog!

Or a Cat.

I walk my cat too.

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