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Bobby Kane's Desk

Bobby Kane is a full time freelance Web Designer who really likes CSS and is trusted by companies like OpenView Partners, Smashfly, IMPACT, Sidekick, and NextView Ventures.

In his former life he was responsible for ESPN’s brand new .com experience.

Let’s take a look at his home office desk.

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Justin Scheetz's Desk

Justin Scheetz is a WordPress theme/plugin developer for the last 7 years who works under the name Boxy Studio and sells items exclusively on the Envato marketplaces. He also created Ticksy, a customer support app aimed at product developers like himself.

Let’s take a look where those beautiful themes are being developed.

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Mike Moloney's Desk

Micheal Moloney is the brain behind FilterGrade. A product that provides photographers, designers, and bloggers with gorgeous filters and photo editing resources. Let’s take a look at the place where those beautiful filters are being developed.

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Garrett Galayda's Desk

UX director at Doejo (a Digital Acency in Chicago) by day, passionate audio entrepreneur by night. Garrett Galayda’s home office and his projects like The Hifi Case and LP Marketplace are one of a kind. Let’s take a closer look.

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Arthur Chang's Desk

Arthur Chang is the CEO and co-founder of Priime. An iPhone photo editor app which allows you to add filters created by todays top photographers. Let’s take a look at his home office desk.

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Desk Hunt is on Product Hunt!
by Daniel Puglisi