Bobby Kane's Desk

Bobby Kane is a full time freelance Web Designer who really likes CSS and is trusted by companies like OpenView Partners, Smashfly, IMPACT, Sidekick, and NextView Ventures.

In his former life he was responsible for ESPN’s brand new .com experience.

Let’s take a look at his home office desk.

Can you tell me something about your desk setup?

My desk is made out of a butcher block sitting on top of a set of drawers on one end, and a couple legs on the other. It’s now multi-leveled for both the Mac screens and TV (that I’m now accustomed to working for ESPN).

Comfort is something I really take seriously when it comes to my setup. I think the stands are mandatory, it makes the screens level with my eyes putting less stress on posture. I also really like the natural light that this office gets.

Is there anything you would like to improve on this setup?

It’s definitely a work in progress. One of the monitor stands still isn’t stained to match the other, and some paper organization is much needed. I’d also like to spend the outrageous amount of money and upgrade my Staples’ special desk chair. Some visual inspiration hung on the wall above the desk is something I’d like to tackle as well. Something along the lines of Sean McCabe’s setup.

Do you switch workspaces during your day? If yes, what’s the reason behind it?

Generally I don’t, which is ironic because I love laptops for their mobility. If anything I’ll take the Air up to another room but I tend to feel a lot less productive and get lost on YouTube.

Can you tell us something about the items on your desk?

Beneath the monitor stand, I attached a small usb LED strip so there is always some light coming from the setup. Initially I did it because the Apple wireless keyboards don’t have back-lit keys, but I really love the look it produces.

What are you doing to stay focused?

Mostly playing Gramatik radio on Spotify.

I don’t have a specific playlist for Gramatik but here is a playlist that gets me through the day:

Is there something on your desk which helps you stay focused? What is it?

Definitely not the TV. I usually print out product requirements, task lists or todo’s out so I can physically cross them out. Something about hitting format > strikethrough that doesn’t quite do it for me.

What was your latest self improvement experiment?

Buying a house definitely isn’t an experiment, but it’s taught me a lot. I really just think it’s made me realize I actually don’t like to procrastinate. Fixing the leaky faucet or cleaning the gutters never gets pushed off. As soon as I see things like that, it gets done. Maybe it’s more of a self realization of that characteristic. I tend to think that I push things off, but seeing how I am with the house is making me follow through on a lot more things - non-house related : )

For example I just spend all week redesigning/coding my personal site which has been on the back burner for months. There are still some bugs, but it’s up and looking fresh.

Where do you see yourself and your desk in the next 5 years?

In 5 years, I’d say I’ll be going down the family path. Which means I have the slightest clue as to where the desk progress will be :) If anything, it’ll be the same setup as it is today.

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