Nicholas Woodhams's Desk

Hi I’m Nicholas Woodhams, a web product engineer. This is my desk setup:

Vast screen real-estate helps me organize my thoughts and be productive. The monitor cove is immersive and helps avoid distractions. The workflow that works best for me includes messages on my left monitor, my active project in the center, and a browser on the left with Trello always open.

I hate being slowed down by my equipment so I always update hardware when a better option becomes available.

Also essential: an automatic sit/stand desk. The key to staying energized and healthy is movement. When you work at a computer all day, this is mostly taken away, but a sit/stand desk adds some healthy movement back into your lifestyle.

Bonus: My plants make me feel more connected to nature… since everything else around me is man-made. I highly recommend it for an instant mood booster!

Get in touch with me: Blog, Angellist, LinkedIn

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