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Juuso Saastamoinen's Desk

What inspires me even more than minimalistic workspaces are people who hustle hard for their passion and are always looking for a new way to improve themselves.

Designer Juuso is one of those people. And he happens to have an awesome desk as well.

Let’s take a look.

Who are you and what do you do for a living?

Hi, my name is Juuso and I’m a designer entrepreneur from Tampere, Finland. I design, code, shoot, mix & edit stuff. In other words I’m a UI/UX designer by profession and I also make motion graphics, video production, front end web and basically anything design-related. Currently I’m a freelance designer at Accenture and also a lead UX/UI designer for a live streaming app, Eyeye TV.

Find out more about Juuso here:

Can you tell me something about your desk setup?

A good and working setup is essential to me. Probably the most important thing is ergonomics because working in a bad position kills me! The chair and table must be quality and comfortable to use. I also like to stand while working, so that’s why I ended up getting an electric table.

I have a 4K monitor… I’m a pixel addict. I have the Dell P2715Q and it’s sharper than a razor blade! Also the colors are amazing because it’s an IPS display. As my computer I’ve built a Hackintosh. I like to have power parts and upgradability. And yes… I’m also a bit nerdy I guess. Recently I upgraded the outer case of my Hackintosh from ugly red into a nice white one.

As you can see from the photos, I like quality audio. I have a pair of KRK Rokit 6 studio monitors. They might be a bit overkill but I love to listen to music while working so that’s why the huge speakers. I also have knowledge of audio and music production so I won’t settle with basic speakers. But having great speakers don’t make a great sound by itself. You also need good acoustics. That’s why I have covered the walls with some acoustic foam to get a better sound in the room. I noticed a big difference with and without acoustic foam. It’s a must for me. Also it looks quite stunning :)

I love making stuff. When I was a kid I was always in our garage building things. Most of the things on my desk are built by me: computer, speaker stands, monitor stand and coaster.

Is there anything you would like to improve on this setup?

I’d like to have a bigger office. The size is quite small. But I’ll manage.

Do you switch workspaces during your day? If yes, what’s the reason behind it?

Sometimes I like to go to a nearby coffee shop when my brain isn’t working. It’s refreshing to switch workspaces and chat with people. If I’m not going to a coffee shop I have to go out and run. I tend to get a bit claustrophobic sometimes.

Can you tell us something about the items on your desk?

I always have my coaster on my left hand side. I drink a lot of coffee during the day. I also have my Android and Scottie Pippen figures under my monitor. The Android one just looks cool and Scottie Pippen is there because I play basketball.

What are you doing to stay focused?

Listen to music! I constantly add new songs to my Spotify playlists. Without music, I couldn’t work. When I’m not working, I’m doing sports: running or playing basketball. I have played basketball for 15 years.

Is there something on your desk which helps you stay focused? What is it?

Coffee mug. It gives me energy. Sometimes I switch to water when I get a coffee overdose.

What was your latest self improvement experiment?

I constantly improve myself. I do a lot of surfing for great resources. I read blog posts, watch Youtube videos, listen to podcasts and buy Udemy / Lynda classes. I recently purchased a Swift coding class from Udemy. My goal is not to be a professional iOS coder but this is something I need to know when designing UX/UI. I also got myself a 3D modelling class because I find it very interesting. Maybe I 3D model my next office…

I want to experience as many different areas of design as possible. To get a great overall understanding of design.

Where do you see yourself and your desk in the next 5 years?

I have probably moved into a bigger house. My dream has always been to build a house out of shipping containers. Perhaps I just move into a regular house but I would love to build a separate shipping container office for myself.

And whatever I do for a living, I bet I’ll be super eager to get better at it.

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